7 Surprisingly Simple Luxury Hotel Amenities That Make A Difference

There are many perks that hotels provide their customers. They are customary or complimentary, but they offer an edge of living in a luxury hotel. Even though they are simple in their appearance, but the absence of which will make your long for it.

Chauffer Check-In:

This is one of the best that you will find it in hotels these days. You usually check-in at the reception, but many of the hotels have started to allow the customer to go through the check-in process in the car. This cuts more than half of the hassle and comes in handy when the customer is arriving late at night, and the hotel is far from the airport. Once you reach the hotel, you can simply walk into the room, without having to go through the hassle of checking in.

Mobile Phones:

Many hotels will provide you with a mobile phone. This is to make sure that the guest can be reached. Sometimes they have to be picked up from a certain location, and if they have the phone, they can simply call a buggy. The phones provide various services for the hotel. It will have the number of a personal butler, and other important numbers like spa, restaurants are also there.


Hotels don’t have the timeframe at all. You can have the meals at any time, and anywhere. This is one of the best as you don’t have to worry about missing your meals, and can relax as you please. The food can also be delivered to your villa, and you have the option of having breakfast anytime.

 Complimentary drop:

The service is offered by many luxury hotels. This is especially done by the hotels that are far away, but you will also find the hotels in the city centre that will also offer this service. There are private services or a van that will have specific timings for departure.

 Luggage Forwarding Service:

When you are leaving or coming, packing is the worst part of it. You are tired or you don’t want to do it. May luxury hotels offer services that will take care of the luggage for you. This will save a lot of time of yours, and make sure that every item is received.

Custom-Stocked Fridge/ Mini- Bar:

Many of the luxury hotels allow the guest to plan the mini bar, and if they want certain items in their fridge, it is no big deal.  Carrying items is hard, but with this service, you don’t have to carry your dietary items and can take advantage of the service.

Complimentary Movie Library:

It’s a common occurrence to have a DVD library, and on top of that, you will get a library in your room. You can choose individual DVDs.


Luxury hotels offer a lot of perks to their guests which they can take advantage of. They range from packing to entertainment. This has made hotels more approachable, and stay convenient.

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